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Meet Our Dogs

Nikki, our love-able Berne/Golden cross, didn't have the easiest life prior to finding her way to the National Academy for Dogs. Surrendered as a puppy to Pet Rescue by Judy and later surrendered again as an adult, it was serendipity that Jessica and Nikki met at the right place and time. Adopted from Pet Rescue by Judy in 2007, it quickly became apparent that Nikki was suffering from osteo-arthritis of the spine caused by an injury in a previous home. She is currently undergoing chiropractic, hydro and massage therapies to help her manage her arthritis. However, Nikki is not a dog to let a little thing like arthritis get in the way of having a good time! Nikki currently lives, loves, plays, and works as one of our company Demo dogs. Nikki is a fully trained (but currently retired) service dog who also enjoys going to hydrotherapy, pulling her dog cart, and helping us train other dogs. Nikki is our wonder dog who has never met a challenge she couldn't face.

King of Mishap ("Mishap")
Filthy, matted, and severely underweight Mishap climbed into my lap and my life at a gas station off OBT in Orlando. The local kids said he had been wandering the neighborhood for months and been hit by a car twice. At around 12 months old Mishap was already stage 3 heart worm positive with a heart murmur. It quickly became apparent that this little fluffy dog had never been in a house, or on a leash, or in a fenced yard and he earned his name after his first week causing mishaps and mayhem! After extensive treatment and training Mishap cuddled his way into a forever home with the National Academy for Dogs. He is in training to take Nikki's place as our official company demo dog and is a joy to work with and train. We also have plans to train him for agility and therapy work. Mishap is a testament to the importance of regular heart worm preventative.
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